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Take a look through some images of Sheds and Summerhouses that have been designed by our customers and created by our Joiners 


Add a workbench to your building for your DIY or hobby needs. Solid or slatted the choice is yours.

Lining and Insulation

To create year-round workspace, increase comfort and decrease noise levels we can offer ply lining or internal cladding and insulation for your building. We use Kingspan XtraTherm this is foil backed board great at generating heat

Roof Coverings

Our standard roofing cover is a heavy duty, 40kg green mineralised felt. We also offer red, green brown and grey roofing felt tiles, straight or hexagonal in shape this is a very stylish and long lasting roof option.


Make your building multi-functioning and separating the space.

Roof Overhang & Veranda

A roof overhang can provide additional protection to the facade of your building as well as creating shade and rain coverage. The Veranda can give a more cabin style design finish.