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Meet The Team

Welcome to our team, with many years experience in Joinery, Carpentry and construction, you can be sure of a quality product that will be built to last.

Paul Allen

My career began almost 17yrs ago working for a small furniture manufactuing company, where I gained valuable experience in designing and building furniture. I soon progressed to John Potts Fencing and Shed Centre in North Shields where I was employed for 10yrs. Throughout that time I built 100's if not thousands of Sheds and Summerhouses, each one different from another.

7yrs ago I designed and built my own workshop in which I started my own business which lead to the lauch of PA Timber [email protected] Shed & Summerhouse Centre. I offer you quality buildings, made exactly how you want them.

Clare Allen

Behind every successful business there's a woman somewhere!

I will be you're point of contact from design & purchase through to installation and aftercare. I can help you with the planning, layout and selecting just the right colour of paint, it's the small details that have the biggest impact and getting it right is as important to me as it is to you. I really believe that out personal touch & the relationships we build with our customers has contributed to our success. Our products may well be more expensive than those that are mass produced with cheaper materials, but the extra that you pay buys you a quality product designed and built exactly how you want it, that will last for many years with the reasurance that if anything is not to your satisfaction, it will be dealt with promptly and resolved.


Hello, I'm Alan the most senior (oldest) member of the team. I have worked in the Property Maintenance sector for many years and I specialise in timber and timber treatments. I can advise you on the best products to keep your new garden shed lookin good for years to come.


I have worked for Paul and Clare for 3 years. I started as a painter and I have progressed to an apprentice joiner. I work on the bench full time manufacturing and producing sheds, I also install the sheds and summerhouses for our customers.

Kyle - Quality Control

Hello, my name is Kyle. It's my job to check all of the playhouses before they are delivered to the children.

I only work on Saturdays now as I have to attend school on weekdays, which keeps me extra busy.

I am a dab hand with a screw driver too, my dad said I've learned from the best!